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Boiled Egg Mold - Kawaii Bento Goods (for quail eggs) 2 sets

Create your boiled eggs into desired animal shapes! Arrange your lunchbox or salad with these cute eggs!

Great for kyaraben! You can make your boiled eggs into desired shapes!

Petite Boiled eggs shaper-Yudetama-gokko (for quail eggs)」animal and chick set.

How to use the boiled eggs shaper with boiled eggs.

Place the eggs in a pan with enough water to cover the eggs completely and bring the water to boil. When eggs are boiled, immediately (while still hot) peel off the shell.Place the eggs into the petite boiled eggs shaper and close the lid. If difficult to do so, push the eggs carefully with your finger and press it partially.Place the device in some cold water for about 10 minutes.
Open the lid and take out the eggs. Decorate them in a salad or lunchbox.  
  • Make sure the eggs are still hot when peeling the shell. Immediately place them in the egg shaper.
  • Place them in some cold water for more than 10 minutes!
  • Choose the hard-boiled egg with its yolk in the center!
  • Cut off all over edges.
*Handle with care when using the hot eggs. Outcome may vary depending on egg size. *Note that the character on eggs may not last for a long time depending on its traits.

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[Cold and heat resistant temperature ]

・Do not use in the oven, microwave and freezer.
・Be careful not to catch your fingers when closing the lid.
・Do not use near flame. It may deform.
・It may be damaged if scrubbed with hard brush and use scrub paste.
・Do not use for any other purpose.

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