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PEANUTS Bento Bowl Box with Utensil Set

Great for packing noodle dishes such as Udon, Soba, So-men, as well as rice bowl dishes such as Tendon, Katsu-don, and Chu-ka don.

Normally it was difficult to pack certain menus such as noodles and rice bowls for lunch.
But now “Lunch Bowl Box” makes it possible and easy! A new style of lunchbox is born.
New menus are possible with the creative design of LunchBowlBox. With its design, you can add the ingredients just before you eat. This will bring you a fresh taste of noodles and rice bowls, just like you eat at the restaurants!

Great for packing rice bowl dishes and noodle dishes for lunch!

[Bento Bowl Box]
With this Bento Bowl Box, you can pack the noodles/rice and toppings separately. Now you can pack all sorts of lunch menus to go such as Udon and pasta dishes!
Note: This product is not dishwasher/dryer safe.

[Utensil Set with a Case]
Comes with a cute utensil set: chopsticks (18cm), spoon, and a case.Utensil holder made of silicon parts which prevents from making sound.
Bento Bowl Box: diameter 130 x 156 x H90mm
Utensil Case: 48 x 191 x H18mm (Chopstick and Spoon: 180mm)

Bento Bowl Box
Container: 580ml (actual capacity 410ml)
Middle Container: 280ml
Sealed Container: 65ml
Dressing Container: 85ml

Bento Bowl Box
Lid: AS Resin (heat resistance: 80 Celsius/176 F)
Outter container, middle container, drain board, sealed container: polypropylene (heat resistance: 140 Celsius/284 F)
Inner lid, dressing container, sealed container lid: polyethylene (heat resistance: 60 Celsius/140 F)
Secure lock: ABS resin (heat resistance: 80 Celsius/176 F)
Dressing container lid: polypropylene (heat resistance: 120 Celsius/248
Silicone Sealing: Silicone rubber (heat resistance: 140 Celsius/284 F)

Utensil and Case Set
Case and spoon: ABS resin (heat resistance: 100 Celsius/212 F)
Lid: AS resin (heat resistance: 100 Celsius/212 F)
Chopstick: metacryl resin (heat resistance: 100 Celsius/212 F)
Silicone parts: silicone rubber (heat resistance: 140 Celsius/284 F)

[Made in Japan]

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Item NamePEANUTS Bento Bowl Box with Utensil Set
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Price Outside Japan2,550 YEN
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